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CSUSB Academic Advising

Faculty Advising Resources

PAWS / Transfer Courses: Ext. 75200 option 4

Each undergraduate student is equipped with a Program Advising Worksheet to help determine which requirements still need to be satisfied. For questions contact the Evaluations office.

Campus Procedures

University Hall 171
  • Registration: Ext. 77671
  • Change of Major (PDF)
    • In order to change or add a major students must submit the form to Records, Registration and Eval.
  • Concurrent Enrollment (PDF): Ext. 77671
    • If your student would like to take classes at a California Community College while being enrolled as a student here at CSUSB they must complete a Concurrent Enrollment form. They can also use to help determine equivalent courses.
  • Grade Forgiveness
    • If your student has repeated a course and would like for the first attempt to be removed from the GPA have them complete the Grade Forgiveness form. For questions call Ext. 75200 option 2
  • Graduation Requirement Check (PDF)
    • If your student believes they are close to being within one year of graduation it is important that they make plans to speak with an Evaluator about filing a Graduation Requirement Check. For questions contact Ext. 75200 option 4
  • Course Overload Permit
    • Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors without a Graduation Requirement Check on file will need to have a Course Overload Permit signed by the Dean of the College of their major in order to take more than the allotted 17 units per term. (Seniors with a Graduation Requirement Check on file can register for 19.5 units without a permit.)You can pick up the permit from Records, Registration & Evaluations (UH 171), your department office or Advising & Academic Services (University Hall Room 380).

University Hall 380
  • Basic Skills/EPT/ELM/Remediation: Ext. 73021
  • Leave of Absence: Ext. 75034 or 75035
  • Repeating Courses
    • Students can repeat a course up to 3 times without special arrangements. If a student would like to take a course again after that they will need to make an appointment with the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Milton Clark at Ext. 75032
  • Simultaneous Enrollment: Ext. 75034 or 75035
    • Registering for courses where the times overlap
  • Drops and Withdrawals: Ext.75034 or 75035

  • Course Substitution
    • For courses that fall under the major please speak with the Chair of the declared major.
    • For courses that fall under the General Education umbrella please contact the office of Advising and Academic Services (UH 380)
  • Incomplete Grade
    • This is determined in consultation with the student's instructor. Your student must speak with them to see if they believe this is an option for them.

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress
    • To comply with federal and state requirements, California State University, San Bernardino established an Annual Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy. This policy applies reasonable standards for measuring whether a student, is maintaining SAP toward the completion of his/her educational objective.
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Last Updated: October 8, 2015